Paulo Menezes SATA Group CEO

Welcome to another edition of Azores Airlines Rallye.


Azores have been internationally distinguished, for several times, as one of the best and most beautiful destinations in the world and, this year, is one of the top-ten places to visit, according to some of the best traveling publications of current times.


Azores Airlines, as the Azores’ main air carrier, sees the recognition of the Archipelago as a destination of choice, among the best in the world, with a mixture of pride and responsibility.


We understand the commitment to tourism as an essential part of our corporate purpose and we work continuously to be present in the most important tourist markets, with a competitive service, distinguished by quality and a genuine sympathy, characteristic of the Azorean people.


Because of that, we have been working hard on the internationalization of our brand and increasing our offer, with the opening of new routes for the summer – Barcelona and Cape Verde, with two rotations per week – and the reinforcement of the operation in Frankfurt and between the Azores and Lisbon, Porto, Madeira and the Canary Islands.


We also launched two new products: the Stopover, which allows passengers traveling between North America and Continental Europe to stop in the Azores without any kind of tariff increase or penalty, and Overnight, which allows our customers access To additional destinations in our network with no costs for stays, whenever the route requires an overnight stay at an intermediate point of the route.


We will continue working to present to Azores Airlines customers and all those who wish to visit the Azores, the best travel solutions and a service that can exceed your expectations of safety, reliability and friendliness.


Being the most relevant sporting event of our region and a platform of world projection of our islands, Azores Airlines Rallye shares our most important goals.


Aware that we are working for the best, all the conditions are met for this edition to be one of the best ever!