All the required forms must be submitted to the organizer by 24:00 (Azores Times) on 5th of September! 




For allowing the 55th Azores Rallye to take place in the best conditions, the Organization Committee in conjunction with the local health authorities, and in accordance with the FIA International Sporting Code and Appendix S COVID-19, agreed on the implementation of a MANDATORY protocol for all stakeholders present at the event (teams, media, employees, suppliers, etc.).
All the measures and procedures to be adopted and applied for the 2021 Azores Rallye are detailed in the COVID-19 Protocol. Please read it carefully. 

The documents to download and complete are available below. 

The Organization Committee of the Azores Rallye is applying and taking all precautionary measures (pre-test PCR, mandatory physical distance, wearing face masks and hand hygiene) to ensure better safety for the attendees on the event. 




Current regulation for a non-Azorean resident: 


A participant or spectator of an international sporting event held in Azores, may enter in Azores if he or she has performed once a molecular biological test – SARS-CoV-2 PCR test in accordance with health professional rules within 72 hours prior to boarding to Azores, which certifies in English or Portuguese that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detectable in the body at the time of the test or present the valid EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE. The identification of the person must be clear in the test report. 




To gain accreditation and entry to the event site you MUST provide the following:  

  • After filling out all the forms, send then to:    
  • At the check-in must be presented a negative PCR test with max. 96 hours, or a valid EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE  
  • Mandatory forms can be found below  


High Density and Low Density Areas 

All event sites are categorized as either High Density Areas (HD) or Low Density Areas (LD). All personnel at the event are accredited to either of these areas and can only visit their designated areas and only interact with persons with the same designation.