Francisco Rosa Coelho Head of Organizing Committee



Azores Airlines is a name which, from this year on, will be associated to our Rallye, and it represents the wings of the Azores in the world of the future. In conjunction with the economic development of our archipelago, this Rallye is a strong bet in future recognition. Its integration and continuity is also synonym of the acclaim in sport as well as in the promotion of the Azores, through the spread of high-impact images of our islands.


Again, this year, we have amongst us the best drivers of the European Championship. At our Rallye’s starting line we are going to have 72 drivers with the best cars there are. This is a remarkable deed, when taking into consideration our geographical location; however, the quality of our event is alluring and memorable to those who visit us.


By deciding to associate the name of the Azorean airline to our tourist destination and to the major sports event of our islands, the Azorean Government has placed a winning bet. Besides being Azores major sports event, the Azores Airlines Rallye is linked to Europe’s biggest sports channel – Eurosport – , an association that provides widespread visibility to this event.
Azores Airlines has the social task of uniting Azoreans to Azoreans and the Azores to the world, while bringing the world to the Azores.


Taking the name of the Azores to all continents is also our mission. We are aware of the enormous responsibility this represents, but we are also confident in the work that has been done by the vast team that has taken up this mission with great pleasure and dedication. This team’s work does not end now; it’s on-going in a joint effort to take the name of the Azores further. This effort is also part of a tourism strategy plan that has brought solid and continuous revenue which benefits the economic and social forces of this region.


The Azorean Government considers the Azores Airlines Rallye one of the most important strategic events of promotion of the Azores and, due to this, has involved several governmental departments in the support network of this Rallye. To them, our deepest thank you for the continued trust placed in us.


We are expecting the arrival of numerous teams, originating from 16 countries, which are the ones responsible for a first-class show. We are counting on all of you to have a maximum security rallye, as this is a major factor for its success.


I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all those that, in a way or another, have contributed along the years for the success of this event. They are also responsible for today’s Azores Airlines Rallye and for helping us achieve the status of Excellence recognized by FIA.


Finally, as always: Let’s succeed again to honour our Azores!