Paulo Menezes CEO SATA GROUP

Azores Airlines Rally – The beggining of a new era.

With over a half-century of history, this event, originally known as Volta à Ilha de São Miguel and later rebranded as SATA Rally Azores, will, in 2016, be formally known as Azores Airlines Rally. It is an honor for Grupo SATA to be an integral part of this as it is the biggest sporting event of the Azores.
The year 2016 has seen considerable changes for tourism in the Azores and is also a milestone in the history of Grupo SATA. For 75 years we have been linking together what the ocean separates. Seventy-five years of experience and know-how in air transport of passengers and cargo, promoting tourism, aerodrome management and ground handling services to all airlines landing on Azorean soil, which underlying is a modern and functional organizational structure adapted to the challenges of an extremely demanding and competitive sector, aviation.
It is also in this sense that one of the group companies, SATA Internacional, was rebranded Azores Airlines, for an increased internationalization of the archipelago as well as the rally that shares its name.
All the conditions have been met to make this event one of the best ever!