Vasco Cordeiro President of the Government of the Azores


Message from the President of the Government of the Azores

Under the name of Azores Airlines Rallye, the competition that is considered to be one of the best events of FIA European Rally Championship, promoted by Eurosport Events, is back to the already famous and spectacular roads of São Miguel Island.
After reaching the mythical mark of 50 editions in 2015, the most relevant motor racing event taking place in the Azores continues to offer a level of quality and visibility, which has become an important vehicle to show the Azores to the world, with special emphasis on the natural beauties of São Miguel Island.
Therefore, it is the external visibility provided by the Azores Airlines Rallye that underpins the partnership that the Regional Government has established with Grupo Desportivo Comercial over the years. It has proved to be very useful as a tool for the promotion of our archipelago in important markets for the Azores.
The images of the spectacular Sete Cidades stage, framed by the green hues of the landscape and the blue hues of the crater lake, have travelled the world and have already become the hallmark of an event that, year after year, increasingly captures the enthusiasm of the public and the thrill of the pilots taking part in the competition. In fact, it is a perfect translation of the feelings that we want to convey to our visitors, who will be also surprised by what our nature has to offer.
I am sure that the 51st edition of the Azores Airlines Rallye will be, once again, an organisational and sporting success, paying tribute to all those who, for more than half a century, have worked with Grupo Desportivo Comercial to organise an event with this level of quality.
The Government of the Azores wishes to all those involved in this competition, from the hundreds of people involved in its organisation and the teams in competition to the thousands of spectators who will watch the competition on the roads of São Miguel Island, a great Azores Airlines Rallye.
To all those who visit us, you are most welcome to the Azores!

Vasco Cordeiro
President of the Government of the Azores