Azores Airlines Rallye post-event press conference

Ricardo Moura/Antonio Costa, first overall
Alexey Luxyanuk/Alexey Arnautov, second overall
Kajetan Kajetanowicz/Jarek Baran, LOTOS Rally Team, third overall

Kajto, you were leading the rally but then you had problems. Did you ever allow yourself to think you would win?

After yesterday we had the chance, a big chance. The gap to Alexey wasn’t too big, it was 10 seconds so we had the chance. But we lost this chance! But that was the rally. It was a great rally, with a great scenery and an amazing atmosphere. That was a pleasure to fight here, to be here and to feel this pressure. It was good pressure from people, great people. You are the best fans in the world probably, believe me. This is a small island but this is a big pleasure to be here to fight with these fast drivers in a great atmosphere. Okay the weather is not always perfect but this is also good for spectators, for the fight. It’s interesting.

Turning to Jaroslav, the most famous stage is Sete Cidades. Everyone has seen it but tell us what it’s like from inside the car?

For sure it’s amazing but Graminhais is also a fantastic stage. Today we lost the rally but we finished on the podium. But Kajto said something. This is a really amazing place, I have rallied all around the world and seen many, many places. But there is only one like here so thank you and obrigado.

Turning to Alexey Arnautov, you had to miss the last rally because you were not fit so how does it feel to be back?

It feels really great, especially to be here.

Now turning to Alexey Lukyanuk, happy to be here on the podium or disappointed not to be on the top step?

Both, I feel mixed feelings. We were leading this rally and we had the chance to finish one step higher. But anyway I am happy to get some points, it’s a crazy event, so beautiful, so exciting and so tough in places. I will have only good memories about it in the end. To see how happy people are with a local winner, it makes sense so congratulations.

We move to Antonio, is this one of the best days of your career?

It’s one of the best days for sure. When you come to this rally for the first time you dream that one day you will win the rally. This day arrived today.

Finally, turning to Ricardo, the winner of your home event at last. Is this your dream come true?

I have total respect for my opponents. I was lucky today because sometimes I maybe did not have the speed to match you both guys. But I was fighting always, trying always. I was lucky today that I got the day of my life so thank you.04