The Tour European Rally (TER) made public the calendar of its events for 2024 and among some new features, the Azores Rallye stands out as the closing event of the season, which will allow it to host for the first time the trophy presentation gala of this competition, where the winners of the Tour European Rally will be crowned.

The Azorean competition, which in recent years has debuted the competitions in which it was part of, will now advance on the calendar to a time when most competitions in Europe will have already ended, allowing more teams to travel to the archipelago and there to be greater sports interest and media coverage of the biggest event in the region.

For Rui Moniz “over the last three editions of the Azores Rallye we identified some constraints due to the fact that it was the inaugural event of the competitions in which we participated, which is why we now wanted to adopt a different approach and we are very honored to be able to close the TER and organize in the region the 2024 season trophy presentation gala in a glamorous and festive atmosphere”.

TER 2024 will take place between April and November and will include six races held in six countries. The calendar opens with the Sierra Morena Rally (Spain), continues with the Antibes – Cote d’Azur (France), Fthiotidos (Greece), Terra Sarda (Italy) rallies, an event yet to be known and closes in a festive spirit with the Azores Rallye (Portugal).

Therefore, Azores Rallye is for the 8th and 9th of November 2024 and it is expected that it will also end the season of the Azores Rally Championship, with the date still awaiting confirmation from the Portuguese Sporting Authorities (FPAK).