Grupo Desportivo Comercial (GDC) and the Special Commission for Monitoring the Fight against Covid-19 Pandemic (CEALCPC) held this Friday, at the club’s headquarters, a joint press conference to inform that the 55th. edition of Azores Rallye is authorized to be held and what is being prepared by both entities to guarantee the conditions necessary for its realization.


Rui Moniz, GDC’s Chairman, began by “thanking and highlighting the availability, stance and interest of the commission in creating the conditions that allow the Azores Rallye to be held”, in what is a reinforcement of the partnership with the Government of the Azores and with the bodies it supervises directly involved in the event.


Gustavo Tato Borges, President of CEALCPC, began by referring to the role that has been played by the entity he presides over, as well as by the Government of the Azores, in resuming normal activity, although this is not an instant process. It confirmed the importance of the Azores Rallye and, therefore, “the commitment of its entire team, in a work that has lasted for a long time in partnership with Grupo Desportivo Comercial, to carry out the event with the presence of spectators and in safe conditions, instead of stating that it would have to take place without an audience, which is a true illusion”, he said. He also stressed that he is convinced “that it will be possible to carry out this and other iconic events for the Azoreans and for the economy of the archipelago” as well as “the importance of the pandemic situation at the time of its realization, which will be decisive, especially if the current trend is maintained, which it will be healthy”.


Rui Moniz, for his part, indicated that the work involving CEALCPC and the Covid-19 team of the Azores Rallye continues, including joint visits to the field. And that, because of the moment currently lived around the world, “the event will not be the same as in previous editions. The usual excellent collaboration of all stakeholders, from competitors to spectators, is fundamental to success.


The Chairman of the Azores Rallye Organizing Committee concluded his speech by stating that “a multimedia campaign will be launched shortly, informing the details regarding the presence of the spectators, who will play the main role in this new normal and on their return to the main world stages of the rallies. Live streaming TV, radio and internet coverage is in the final stages of planning, to allow everyone to follow the event step-by-step also from home or the office”. Rui Moniz also believes that “in sporting terms, we will have a very high-level event, with a fantastic entry list and the absolute debut of the Clio Trophy by Toksport WRT and the Michelin Talent Factory”.


The 55th Azores Rallye will take place between the 6th and 8th of May, with the Azores assuming the opening honors of both this year’s edition of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship and the Azores Rally Championship.