With the approaching date of another Azores Rallye, the late afternoons, evenings and non-working days are used by the organization of the Grupo Desportivo Comercial to develop much of the work necessary for the event as well as used for training and updating of its elements. Yesterday, March 17, a safety training session was held for the coordinators of the radio teams.

The execution of an event as big as the Azores Rallye involves the collaboration of many hundreds of volunteers who are coordinated by a technical team which remains practically unchanged throughout the year and is transversal to all the club’s organisations. The 57th edition of the event, on the road on 31 March and 1 April, will see the arrival of many new members whose collaboration, from the secretariat to the marshals and in the most varied functions, is always decisive to the successes that the race has known in the past.