Tomorrow, March 25, at 7:15 pm, the Media Centre of the 56th Azores Rallye will host an autograph session with the participation of many of the star drivers of the race organised by Grupo Desportivo e Comercial. In addition to allowing the collection of what will be a beautiful souvenir of the event, the occasion will also allow contact and socialising with some of the idols of the always warm Azorean public.
In this session will be present the teams Armindo Araújo/Luis Ramalho, Alberto Battistolli/Simone Scattolin, Bruno Magalhães/Carlos Magalhães, José Pedro Fontes/Inês Ponte, Ricardo Teodósio/José Teixeira, Paulo Nobre/Gabriel Morales, Norbert Herczig/Igor Bacigal, Ricardo Moura/António Costa, Rúben Rodrigues/Estevão Rodrigues, Luis Miguel Rego/Jorge Henriques, Simon Wagner/Gerald Winter, Rachele Somaschini/Nicola Arena, Pedro Câmara/João Câmara, Joan Vinyes/Jordi Mercader, Igor Widlak/Daniel Dimurski, Andrea Mabellini/Virginia Lenzi and Ernesto Cunha/Rui Raimundo.