The Azores Rallye holds once again the environmental certification and maintains its concern with its ecological footprint. The environmental impacts of the race are several, but with everyone’s collaboration, from the organisation to the competing teams, including the public and the municipalities, they can be minimised. In this sense, the race organised by Grupo Desportivo e Comercial has been running an awareness campaign for a few days now.
In this campaign, it is requested that recycling be favoured by depositing it in the appropriate recycling bins, that the engines of the vehicles be kept at low revs outside the qualifying, thus reducing noise pollution and the emission of exhaust gases. The assistances must also always use anti-spill devices during refuelling and in the assistance park. Noise in the assistance park must be reduced and vehicles may only be washed in the places previously indicated.
With everyone’s collaboration, the Azores Rallye is a sustainable event.