Azores Virtual Rallye on final countdown for 857 virtual rally drivers

As we’re approaching the earlier hours of March, 23, the day scheduled for the first Azores Virtual Rallye to start, amazing numbers are coming along, which leave all of the new-created SIM Racing Department staff very excited for this debut event.


An amazing entry list

Haven you ever seen a 23-page entry list? Yes! Azores Virtual Rallye have 857 virtual rally drivers which complete a 23-page entry list (document available bellow). But are they really virtual? Yes, at least, the most of it… because we have real ‘real’ good rally drivers too. The FIA ERC stars Chris Ingram, Eyvind Brynildsen, Alexey Lukyanuk and Marijan Griebel are competing on this virtual rally, but also the Portuguese Pedro Almeida, Miguel Nunes, Henrique Moniz and Hugo Mesquita. On teams, the highlights are for the presence of DiRT Rally 2.0 official team, as well as WERT Word Esports Rally Team, the U.S. CHL Sim Racing and the Greeks from the DiRT Hellenic Community Team. By joining our DiRT community at, you’ll be able to follow all the action and results on this first Azores Virtual Rallye.


A challenging itinerary… on challenging conditions

For those who are used to go up on the walls and barriers to enjoy the rally, you will really feel what real drivers feel when they’re behind the steering wheel on their rally cars. Grupo Desportivo Comercial SIM Racing department and the Race Direction led by Luís Carreiro just prepared a challenging itinerary to be tackled on the most various conditions: you’ll get sun and rain, dry surface vs muddy and wet surface… clear view on ones and fog on anothers… just like a real Azores Rallye.




Amazing worldwide support and enthusiasm

From the earlier hours after Azores Virtual Rallye announcement, our social media profiles had a huge demand with lot of enthusiasts asking for further information and showing a lot of support to this new kind of events held by Grupo Desportivo Comercial. From real rally drivers asking how to sign up and encouraging our team to continue with these events to others making their rally car liveries available for fans to use on this challenge, we had received wonderful support from everybody, whom we would like to thank them. The most recent and unexpected message came from the German photographer Sven Kollus sending photos of the real New Zealand stages for using on any publications we would issue. Thank you. A special word to all our fans: you guys are amazing for the support and interest on our event.


Gentlemen… start your engines!

No time for excuses… no time to go to the kitchen for some popcorns… you’re now entering on rally mode. Put up your headphones and some gloves (if in need)… last adjustments on your… sofa… and get ready to rally. Azores Virtual Rallye starts at 00:00 of March, 23 and ends by 23:59 of March, 29. To all of our 857 virtual rally drivers the best of luck and may the best man or woman win!


Azores Virtual Rallye entry list available at


Photo Flat-Out Media Agency