Countdown for Azores Virtual Rallye as already started

As a good way of keeping rally fans secure at home while enjoying the best sport in the world, rallying, Grupo Desportivo Comercial decided to realize the first edition of Azores Virtual Rallye, an online challenge consisting on virtual rally on Dirt Rally 2.0 game, available for STEAM, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms.


With more than 30 virtual competitors showing their interest of competing, just on the first 24 hr after announcing this event, Grupo Desportivo Comercial is now informing the event’s major guidelines as well publishing its Supplementary Regulation and Roadbook.


In summary, the event counts with 12 special stages to be tackled by each competitor, only on selected R5 cars. Unable to reproduce Azores Rallye special stages, the race direction decided to use New Zealand special stages for their course and surface similarity to the ones used at the ‘real’ Azores Rallye. So “Waimara Point” (forward version) will serve for the double-run on Graminhais, as the same stage, but on reverse, will serve for the also double-run on Tronqueira. “Elsthorpe Sprint” (forward version) will host also two runs on Vila Franca/São Brás. “One Beach Sprint” (forward version) will host Coroa da Mata and “Te Awanga Sprint” (reverse version) will host Feteiras. The worldwide known Sete Cidades will be realized using “Ocean Beach” v-special stage.


Meanwhile, the entry period is already open. All v-competitors willing to participate may register e-mailing supplying all info needed as requested in Supplementary Regulation, until 23:59 (local time, -2hr CET) of March, 21, 2020.


The Supplementary Regulation and the Itinerary (designated as Roadbook) may be found on the link bellow. More info is available under request. Please email submitting your questions.


We’re counting with you for the first Azores Virtual Rallye. Register now.


Visit for Azores Virtual Rallye Suplementary Regulation and Roadbook