Drivers quotes at Friday’s mid-day Service Park

Kajetan Kajetanowicz:
“We are leading and the gap is bigger than in the morning but we have to be still calm and keep calm and focused because it’s a tough rally and easy to make mistakes. The grip is okay at this moment, the tyres are working well and the car is perfect. Also my feeling so it should be okay. It was hard this morning because every stage was different. The second stage was completely foggy stage, not so long but very demanding. The long one, a beautiful stage, but there was a little fog. But in general the grip wasn’t bad. Okay it’s changing all the time but my feeling is okay. The car is perfect and that’s why we can push. We will see about some changes in service. When it’s working everything we can’t change too much. I was on the soft compound this morning, every driver had this. The Pirelli is working very well.”
Ricardo Moura:
“I keep pushing to go with the other three drivers but it’s difficult because they go very fast. Sometimes I can be very close but in other stages they have more speed. I try to push but it’s not easy, not easy for everyone because the stages are incredibly difficult. But we keep pushing like this and try to keep in a podium place because that’s been the target from the beginning. I am not thinking about the championships but if I push much more than I am I will be off so I have to keep my pace, try to improve it but it’s too early to take some risks. It’s a long rally, I try to keep with them but I also think they will be very fast in the second pass. They have more margin to progress because they don’t have so good knowledge of the stages – they will be fast for sure. We will try to do some things to the car but it’s always very tricky with a lot of fog and the grip changing everywhere. You have to keep focused.”
Wojciech Chuchala:
“I was in safe mode a bit this morning. Because of the huge fog with low visibility it’s a big risk to drive fast. There is no point to drive faster because we have our speed very, very safe. For the second loop we can attack more but being safe is also important to make the kilometres and get knowledge. It’s a very difficult rally. For the moment the hardest I did on gravel because of the fog. You cannot see the road, the grip is good in some places then not good and you have to be really precise.”
Chris Ingram:
“It just clicked in that last stage. I’d been too careful before then, giving the stages and the car too much respect. I had a good time on stage six but I said I’m going to push it now because when you push it, it all comes together. We did that and kept pushing, saw the helicopter and pushed a bit harder. I just kept my foot in when I saw the fog but Katrin did a great job because the notes were perfect. After stage five Gago was really quick taking six seconds out of us in 7ks but it’s all about these long stages there. I really clicked with the car then so I’ll keep at that pace. The car is handling really well.”
Diogo Gago:
“I had a big moment in Sete Cidades. I spin and had to hairpin round to come back. I lost a lot of time. There is no damage but I am lucky.”
Marijan Griebel:
“There was a lot of fog especially on the second and third stage so quite slippery, I’m glad to be here. I was a bit surprised that it was so, so good. But I have some confidence, a really good car and co-driver. Tomorrow it could be a bit better but I am satisfied at the moment. I have only done three or four wet gravel rallies and it always helps when you have done the event once before. Last year was really my first year on gravel. I was learning all the time and now it pays out. It was not easy and I had two big moments on the first kilometres on gravel. I had a few problems with the tyres at the end but everything is okay with the car. I can go faster in the afternoon.”