Ole Christian Veiby arrives to the 57th Azores Rallye “to make my debut. Never done the rally before, and never been on the island. Always followed the rally when it was a part of ERC. It looks like a very beautiful place, and the roads looks fantastic! I have talked to some other drivers and they say it’s a very fun event! I think it will be a challenging event. Not easy to come there for the first time, when many others know the rally very well. Anyways we are always aiming to fight in the top, so thats for sure the target this time also”.

The Norwegian driver is 26 years old and made his first rally in 2012 in a Ford Fiesta R2T. Since 2016 he has been a regular in the WRC, a championship in which he has won twice and been on the WRC2 podium 11 times. In this category he has won 75 special stages. He was his country’s champion in 2019 and has regularly participated in autocross, in World RX, with VW. In 2022 he stood on the podium five times in this competition. This year he has already won three rallies, one in Sweden and two in Norway, and was second in WRC2 at WRC Rally Sweden.