Follow Azores Airlines Rallye with Rally4Now app

Rally4Now and Azores Airlines Rallye Race Direction has been working together since the beginnig of this year to provide a brand new way for fans to follow all the action on Azores Airlines Rallye on their mobile phone.


Rally4Now is a fantastic application available for Android and iOs devices that allows motosport fans not only to get the entry list and special stages informations but also the results and better yet, all the spectator zones of the rally route. Due to the hability of operating with the device’s GPS function (where available) it is possible also to get directions and drive to the spectator zone pointed at the special stage map on the mobile device, with all confort and security because Rally4Now app tries to avoid at any cost giving you directions where you can cross or meet competitors. The app is also able to show you a preview of the selected spectator zone where you’ll can become aware of which places you can stay, helping the road marshals on maintaing people on safe areas.


So if you want to get the spectators zones of Azores Airlines Rallye faster and in a more efficient way, visit Rally4Now website or search for the Rally4Now App on the Apple Store or at Google Play Store.


The Rally4Now app is also available in Portuguese language, on a partnership with Azores Airlines Rallye Race Direction. For more information, visit