If there is a business card of the Azores and of the island of São Miguel, it is the entire ecosystem that makes up the island, lending a unique green, in the pastures and forest that flank the magnificent roads on gravel surface, in a light or reddish, for which the most fearless rally drivers in Europe compete on the event that provides the greatest promotion of the Azores in the world, the Azores Rallye.


Living up to the Region’s effort to obtain the seal of sustainable tourist destination, obtained in 2018, Grupo Desportivo Comercial, Azores Rallye organizer, also takes on the commitment to the environment and its sustainability.


Rui Moniz, Head of the Board of Grupo Desportivo Comercial, says “we are responsible for the preservation and transmission, to the following generations, of the enormous environmental legacy that is verified in the archipelago”.


Since 2020, the Azores Rallye has a team dedicated of reducing the environmental impact of the event, led by Helena Prisca, a team that is responsible for the current application for the Azores Rallye to the FIA environmental certification.


For Helena Prisca, “the environment is the only common heritage of humanity. Its future is decided by our actions in the present”. The person in charge of the Azores Rallye Environment team launches the challenge, on this Earth Day, so that “we must adopt the rhythm of nature to reach the goal”.


The idyllic scenery of the island of São Miguel provides images of a unique character and singular beauty, supported by an entire ecosystem that it is up to all to preserve to a wide audience spread across the four corners of the world, true motorsport enthusiasts, through television broadcasts.


On this Earth Day, we celebrate the best that the Azores have to offer the world, whose promotion is done through the Azores Rallye.