Grupo Desportivo Comercial held a Security Seminar on rallies

When there’s less than sixty days for the start of the 50th edition of SATA Rallye Açores, event counting towards for the FIA European ​Rally Championship (FIA ERC), the Portuguese Rally Championship and the Azorean Rally Championship, SATA Rallye Açores’ Senior Officials continues to undertake all efforts to achieve another great success at the Azorean round of the FIA European Rally Championship calendar.


Scrutineers, marshals and the elements of teams attached to the special stages were the target of a teaching program held in São Miguel Park Hotel in Ponta Delgada.


The morning was reserved to the scrutineers who took the opportunity to (re)view their focus of attention on a technical scrutinizing event as well as good practices and existing regulations around the car, its equipment and competitors’ equipment. Even before lunch, Azorean drivers who had been invited to be present, had a chance of seeing clarified any issues around their participation in the race, with regard to technical and regulatory aspects for the edition 2015 of the SATA Rallye Açores.


The afternoon was reserved for marshals. All was reviewed since the begin of the special stages through the end, as well as the ever eternal concern for the safety of spectators and competitors, all was said and demonstrated through various movies and with the Clerk of the Course and the Chief Scrutineering explanations. At the end, more than one hundred participants in the work session had to be satisfied with the initiative. SATA Rallye Açores’ Race Direction staff promises to continue to prepare all elements so that, from 4 to 6 June, the Azores and the island of St. Miguel can receive the FIA ERC superstars and turn the 50th SATA Rallye Azores in another hugely successful edition.


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