Grupo Marques, the stage for one of the best super special stages in the world

Azores Airlines Rallye have a huge diamond in its crown: it’s the super special stage Grupo Marques that delights the most exigent motorsport fans, year after year, providing a unique show and great moments of competition and adrenaline.


The place consists on a quarrel where Grupo Marques, the biggest constructor company settled in the Azores, extract large basalt rocks that are then crushed to provide gravel for construction. The place exists for so long that, over time, an artificial crater has formed, allowing the existence of a place where a 5 kilometre two lane track takes form, where competitors run against each other, departing two at each time.


The fans have a huge scenario because they stay at the rim of that artificial crater, enjoying a 360-degree wide vision all over the track.


The man behind the idea of creating that track is Eng. Primitivo Marques, a civil construction engineer who presides the Marques Group’s Board of Directors, which has an enormous passion for the Azores, for the Azoreans, for motorsports and an enormous sense of service to the community on which they base their businesses.


At the end of the essay realized Saturday, before the event’s week, Eng.º Primitivo Marques said “for us it is always a great honour and pleasure to cooperate with the Azores Airlines Rallye providing to spectators that work or lives near Ponta Delgada a show of a kind. Over the last years, we’ve been investing on the track’s improvement, and despite it as suffered any changes since last year, it will be able to delight motorsport fans again. Therefore we feel that we’ve accomplished our mission, when we provide this space and kind of show, with free access and then receive all the crowd, it’s really spectacular and of course and reveals great kindness to us.


Super Special Stage Grupo Marques will be held on Thursday, March 30, by 17:22 (local time) and on Saturday, April 1, by 12:34