The president of the Portuguese Federation of Motorsport and Karting (FPAK, ASN), Ni Amorim, welcomed the joint communication made last week by Grupo Desportivo Comercial and the Special Commission for Monitoring the Fight against Pandemic Covid-19, when they announced the feasibility of holding the 55th Azores Rallye between 6 and 8 May, with the presence of spectators.


Ni Amorim began by stating that “it is with special satisfaction that I see the Azores Rallye taking place, an emblematic event on our calendar, but also an event very cherished by international drivers. Despite the pandemic continuing to be a reality, it is certain that with the right measures and, above all, the common sense of the people, I believe it is possible to carry out the event with the presence of spectators and without major problems”.


In his statement, the president of FPAK recalled that “other rallies have already happened in this way and have worked well“, stating that “it is important for our sport, but above all for the local economy this gradual recovery“. Ni Amorim, hopeful that “we can continue in this cycle of reopening”, makes an appeal “to the spectators’ common sense and respect for the health authorities’ recommendations so that we can continue to see the sport we like the most on the roads”.