SATA Rallye Açores flies higher and at higher speed with SATA

In close collaboration with one of the main sponsors of SATA Rallye Açores, images of the largest tourist event in the Azores will be displayed from February 10 on domestic and international flights of SATA International.


This collaboration shall be based on the projection of the promotional video of the 2014 edition of the SATA Rallye Açores, which can also be viewed on the internet at


In addition to the projection on board, also the network of SATA’s shops will display the promotional video, contributing to further dissemination of this sporting event that is present on the calendar of the FIA European Rally Championship.


SATA International is a company founded in 1990 and belongs to the SATA Group. Its main purpose is linking the Azores with the world in a wide range of destinations to Europe and United States, having already strong presence in various destinations.