SATA Rallye Açores is celebrating its Golden Jubilee

The 50th edition of SATA Rallye Açores will be held at São Miguel Island at the Azores archipelago between 4 and 6 of June, 2015 and counts towards, once again, for the FIA European Rally Championship, the FIA Junior European Rally Championship, the FIA ERC Gravel Masters competition as well as for the National and Regional Rally Championships.


As it happened for the last two years, the event has been represented at the Lisbon Tourism Fair, the Portuguese main event for the touristic economical sector, where it has been presented to all of the touristic professionals and motorsport fans present.


The presentation started showing SATA Rallye Açores’ 50th edition logo as well as with a brief resume of a long but successful road thrilled, remembering the effort and perseverance of all of those who, somehow, gave their contribution towards the event current status and success, as well as all of the national and international competitions for which the event counted toward.


The event’s organizer remembered once again the importance of having strategic partners as the Azorean Government, as well as SATA Group (the Azorean airline company) among others, emphasizing their importance at the joint effort of promoting the Azores outside Portugal, due to a fundamental partnership with Eurosport Events, which lasts since 2008.


The measured economical income of more than 11M Euro brought by the event’s realization and mediatisation trough Eurosport television broadcasts was one of the highest moments of the presentation.


SATA Rallye Açores’ representative also presented some of the specials stages that will take part of 2015’s edition course and ended presenting, on debut, the event’s official teaser clip available at SATA Rallye Açores’ Youtube channel (

Further exclusive commemoration acts around the 50th edition celebrations will be announced soon.