SATA Rallye Açores’ medical crew reviewed security procedures

SATA Rallye Açores’ medical crew realized last weekend a security procedure seminar counting with the presence of several medics, nurses, firemen and policemen towards this year’s edition of the Azorean round of the FIA European Rally Championship.


Virgilio Paz Ferreira, medical chief, Joel Varanda, chief nurse, and António Medeiros, Deputy Clerk of Course for Security held a seminar reviewing security procedures early Saturday morning at Espírito Santo Hospital, Ponta Delgada’s main facility.


Then all the attendees went to the Grupo Marques Super Special Stage compound where a competitor’s accident simulation occurred that resulted on a demonstration made by medical and firemen crew.


Because competitors and spectators security is a serious business, SATA Rallye Açores’ crew proved it’s ready for another great event around FIA European Rally Championship.