Race Seven will have a strong presence in the 57th Azores Rallye, and will be responsible for the Skoda Fabia Raly2 Evo of Ole Christian Veiby and Nil Solans, as well as providing Ricardo Moura with an identical vehicle. The Spanish team was created in 2013 by Victor Perez Silva and is based in Elechas, Cantabria, in the north of the neighbouring country.

The structure will have at its service in Ponta Delgada 16 elements, the director of the formation, 3 engineers, 8 mechanics, 2 people linked to catering, 1 truck driver and 1 element responsible for logistics. At their service there will be a truck and a van transported from Spain to the archipelago, as well as three vehicles used to transport the staff. The area to be occupied in the assistance park is around 350 sqm.