The Tour European Rally Series, an international competition sanctioned by the FIA, of which the Azores Rallye is a part, returns to the road this week. The second event on the calendar is Rallye Sierra Morena, in southern Spain, which is based in the city of Cordoba and is organised by the local automobile club. Tomorrow, March 17, the programme for the asphalt rally includes the administrative check and scrutineering, Shakedown and the Qualifying session. The competition itself is reserved for Saturday and Sunday in 14 special stages.
As already happened in the opening race in Italy, the Azores will again be promoted in the neighbouring country because one of the missions of this competition born in 2016 is to bring to an even larger audience not only the prestigious races that compose it but also the particularities of the touristic regions that host them. The event that succeeds the Spanish event in the season’s programme, which includes eight races, is the 57th Azores Rallye.