Jean-Baptiste Ley, the FIA ERC general co-ordinator, reacted almost immediately after Grupo Desportivo Comercial, the Azores Rallye organizer, announced the result of the joint press conference, held by the end of last week, with the Special Commission for Monitoring the Fight against Pandemic in Covid-19 (CEALCPC).


J-B said “confirmation that the 55th Azores Rallye has been authorised to take place, as scheduled, from May 6-8, is really good news, and with spectator access also. We thank all the various authorities for their diligence and support. While we make no secret of our huge enthusiasm for this spectacular event and the stunning images it delivers to TV viewers around the world, we will continue to work closely with the organising team to ensure all the requirements set out in the COVID-19 protocols are fully respected by the ERC community attending the event as our number one priority remains the health and safety of all.