SS Feteiras MEO


This special stage is often decisive for competitors participating in the Azores Airlines Rallye. Got its start marked by a very technical and steep descent, crosses near the regional road of Feteiras and goes back up toward the access road to Vista do Rei, Sete Cidades. From its start to its end, this special is characterized by the undulating areas changing the pace taken by drivers. Narrow and slow zones linked together with fast and wide areas, turns this as a great special stage.



Show Zones

SZ 10 – FETEIRAS (Estrada Regional) (N37 48,746 | W25 48,514) – Descending sequence of two curves, followed by rapid ascent

  • Upon reaching the end of the road surrounding the city of Ponta Delgada – west side – exit toward “Sete Cidades” and “Mosteiros”;
  • Keep on the main road towards “Feteiras/Mosteiros”;
  • After passing “Feteiras”, keep always on main road until reach GALP fuel station. Then you’ll have to follow signs that indicates parking areas for spectators;