SS Sete Cidades


In recent years this has been the business card of AZORES AIRLINES Rallye. A breath taking landscape, narrow roads and fastly driven the top of the crater of a dormant volcano, with the lagoons of the Sete Cidades as a backdrop and behold, there comes the stage classified as “one of the most beautiful special stages of the world”.




Show Zones

SZ 11 – Caminho da Seara (N37 52,365 | W25 48,295) FAST TARMAC TO THE GRAVEL ALSO FAST

–  At Portas do Mar, Ponta Delgada Av Inf. D. Henrique heading East, reset tripmeter;

–  At km 1,70 roundabout, 3rd exit, heading to  “Relva /Aeroporto and in the main road;

–  At km 7,5, exit to “Relva / Sete Cidades / Mosteiros” and again right, same direction;

–  At km 8,00, in the roundabout, 3rd exit to “Sete Cidades/Mosteiros” and keep in the main road;

–  At km 12,60, exit to the left “Feteiras / Mosteiros” and keep in the main road;

–  At km 16,90, and after the Galp pump in “Feteiras” Place, to the left in the detour;

–  Pass near the SZ 8 of SS”Feteiras”, keep straight ahead in the main road;

–  At km 26,65, in the “Várzea” place, exit to the right direction “Sete Cidades” and keep in the

tarmac road that climbs to the mountain. Will find the SZ road after 2,00 km;


SZ 12 – Cumeeiras (N37 52,722 | W25 46,308) Wide view over the ridge of Sete Cidades, with several fast corners sequence. Breathtaking scenery.

  • Driving on the road surrounding Ponta Delgada city, take exit towards “Capelas”;
  • Keep on the main road to “Capelas”, then drive to “Santo António”;
  • Keep on the main road and drive towards “Mosteiros/Bretanha”;
  • When you find “Ajuda” sign, reset your car’s trip meter;
  • Drive for 1,10 km on the main road and then turn left;
  • Take the ascending concrete road (Rua José Viveiros Fernandes – plaque with the street’s name – not visible)
  • Keep driving on the ascending concrete road. After 2,5 km you’ll find the special stage on the ridge of Sete Cidades;


SZ 13 – Lomba do Carvalho (N37 52,744 | W25 44,469) Ascending concrete sequence, followed by ascending concrete to  gravel road – permited entrance 1 hour before on foot in the gravel  road –  where 400m after will find wide view.

  • Driving on the road surrounding Ponta Delgada city, take exit towards “Capelas”;
  • Keep on the main road to “Capelas”;
  • When arriving at Capelas, reset your car’s trip meter and keep driving on main road towards to “Sete Cidades/Mosteiros”;
  • After 8,2 km, turn left to RUA LOMBA DO CARVALHO (be carefull: intersection over left curve with low visibility, road’s name plaque not visible);
  • Keep driving for 1,30 km and you’ll find the spectator zone;